Create connections through content to grow your influence for career opportunities WITHOUT being an industry leader or expert writer

Take back control of your career and business when you build your brand through
content-based networking and the Process to Progress Framework

Learn the Process to Progress Framework

Define your brand and remove barriers to creating valuable content that will help grow your opportunities without having a massive following or high-profile position

Creating Your Thought Leadership Brand

How and why writing is the core of connectivity success

Define Your Mindset

Master your make up and align your brain with your brand

Overcoming Creative Challenges

Get the tools for accessing and expressing your ideas

Accelerated Content Creation

Learn proven content creation strategies to remove barriers to creating compelling material

Growing Your Network

Tactical ways to connect with a likeminded audience once you hit publish

Profile into a Portfolio

Learn the process to progress framework to build a magnetic portfolio

Course Outline

Lesson 1
Writing is the foundation of growth

Lesson 2
Identify your brand + define your mind

Lesson 3
Breaking through creative challenges

Lesson 4
Simplify + accelerate content creation

Lesson 5
Expanding your network + enhance opportunities

Lesson 6
The complete Process to Progress Framework

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Finding Focus for Self-Leadership

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Find your focus, unleash creativity, and unlock growth opportunities you never knew existed

Curt Cassels
VP Sales Director

If you want to write more but need the tools and process, this course is for you.
It will remove any roadblocks you may have. Before you know it you are creating content and posting it.

Doug Hershey
Founder, Thought iQ

To jumpstart my learning curve to promote my coaching business, I knew I needed to create awareness by writing.

All that happened when I hired Jeff.
Money well spent!

Diana Hartley
Coach & Consultant

Enormously helpful!

The simple instructions helped my anxiety about posting online.

He made it easy and logical for someone starting out.

Hi, I'm Jeff

In the last two years, I've taken back control of my career by growing my network of connections, groups, and newsletters to over 300,000 members, by turning my profile into a portfolio of content.

There have been several moments in my career when I’ve needed change.

Whether looking to advance in my current role or unemployed seeking the next opportunity, I’ve tried lead my professional career through the lens of my personal journey.

It's never been easy to do and all too easy to get distracted and lose focus, take the next role offered, and get stuck in the paralysis of analysis.

My network is now filled with relationships that work for me because those people know who I am and what I'm about.

I've been rewarded with meaningful relationships that have brought opportunities for personal growth and career advancement.

The Write and Grow course is a method for your message and a way of building your reputation online in order to obtain full-time jobs, part-time projects, consulting opportunities and business leads through the process to progress framework.

Join today and in the self-paced course I'll share exactly the strategies and tactics for you to do the same.

Most people are WRONG about personal brands

🚫 You don't need to have a massive following or a high profile role

🚫 Or spend time and money on building a website

🚫 Or write thousand-page articles only to release it to crickets

🚫 Overwhelm themselves with too many social media profiles

🚫 Consume endless information rather than take action

Are you ready to expand your network and enhance career opportunities by creating compelling content online?

You'll Gain Immediate Access 🔑

📝 6 course lessons

📼 17 digestible videos

📝 Digital and printable exercises

🙌 Additional tools & templates

💻 Unlimited customer support

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-Top 5 Strengths Assessment
-Finding Focus Course

Coaching Access Upgrade ⏫

You will receive the full course (and bonus content) PLUS direct coaching from me on your goals

💻 Personalized video feedback & suggestions for your online brand presence and how to best integrate the course materials

📝 5 Original content ideas for your personal or business brand

👦🏽 1 on 1 coaching access for 1-month via chat for direct support, project review, and Q&A

Renee Vienes
Executive Assistant

This easy to follow framework helps accomplish writing & growing your LinkedIn network.

Len Marchses
Founder, ReThink

The process and collaboration exceeded my expectations and opened the door to new opportunities.

Ahmed Arefs
Financial Performance Advisor

A wholesome & practical approach, this course helped me have a plan for my content - well done.

Jeff's guidance has been very helpful. His knowledge and sharing of information and resources validated what is necessary and important to success.

The coaching he put together will no doubt be a continuing resource for me.

Barney Kramer
Executive Director of Public Speakers Association

Who this course is for

Anyone looking to create the kind of career and professional success they deserve by incorporating more authentic care and ideas into their work.

✔️ Career Changers
✔️ Thought Leaders
✔️ Job Seekers
✔️ Entrepreneurs
✔️ Coaches & Consultants
✔️ Small Business Owners
✔️ Students


6 total lessons uncovering the elements to the process to progress framework for teaching you the skills you need to build influence online.

You'll gain:
🔑 Immediate access
📼 Digestible videos
📝 Digital and printable exercises
🙌 Tools & templates
💻 Chat Support
👦 1-1 Coaching (upgrade)

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

This course is for anyone looking to identify & build their online brand to grow through content-based networking:
✔️ Entrepreneurs
✔️ Coaches & Consultants
✔️ Small Business Owners
✔️ Career Changers
✔️ Thought Leaders
✔️ Job Seekers
✔️ Students

Are there any prerequisites?

No. It would help if you have a LinkedIn profile or other social channels so you can start sharing content during the course.

When does the course start and finish?

The course is available immediately and is self-paced. You have unlimited and forever access to the course as long as it's offered. If there are any edits or additional content added, you will continue to have access.

How much time does the course require?

The course is self-paced. Previous members have suggested that a lesson a day plus the exercises and other resources means that within ~2 weeks you'll have gone through all the materials.

I can't or don't want to pay with Paypal or a credit card, can I still join?

Contact and we'll figure it out!

What if I'm not happy with the content?

If you join this course and you like it, you have lifetime access! If, for whatever reason, it doesn't live up to its promises or your expectations, contact me in the first 14 days and I will give you a full refund. The only thing I then ask of you is to provide me with feedback as to how I can improve the course.

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